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Functional training and corrective exercise builds the muscle movement strength you use every day for survival and for play. We place a greater emphasis on balance, agility and the mind/body connection through breath and movement. Whether you are performing yoga, push-ups or balancing on one foot, the training you do for one hour will translate to the rest of your life and greatly enhance your everyday activities for years to come.

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Agilis Fitness offers Semi-Private Training Sessions. This is the best of both a group fitness setting and a personalized training session. Burn off some stress, increase your metabolism and tone up all those trouble spots in a challenging circuit set amongst other like-minded individuals. Let the group setting generate the momentum and synergy to keep you motivated with every session. Or, start your own own 'Chi Club' with semi-private tai chi instruction!

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Agilis Fitness - Personal Training, Semi-Private Training, Consulting.

Agilis is the latin root word for agile.
Agile adj [L agilis, fr. agere to drive, act]
1: marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace
2: mentally quick and resourceful

Welcome to Agilis Fitness, provider of corrective exercise coaching, personal training, semi-private training sessions (small group) and health & wellness coaching for Long Beach and surrounding cities. Currently, Agilis Fitness is an in-home, in-office and outdoor service provider of 1-on-1 personal fitness training, semi-private sessions and fitness/wellness consultation. Based out of Long Beach CA, we have the ability to train you in-person in the Greater Long Beach, CA area and we also have an internet/phone consultation service which provides fitness & wellness coaching virtually wherever you are.

Our training provides you a thorough fitness screening, program design and implementation with an emphasis on functional training for improved agility, integrated strength gains, kinesthetic awareness and corrective exercises. The fitness assessment includes; range of motion tests for all joints, postural measurements/analysis, metabolic dietary assessment, stress/physiological load assessment and overall daily health habits. Our training not only improves physical agility, posture and performance, it will also improve and sustain your mental agility for when you need it the most! We offer several training packages to fit your needs. Tai chi is also available for those interested in all the benefits this can bring to your training, lifestyle and health goals. Please browse the site and then contact us for a free consultation. This is preventative healthcare at its best!

Thanks! And as always, be good to yourself!

Isaac Chenevey

Owner & Certified Exercise Coach & Personal Trainer and Health & Wellness Coach

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